Latest News

29 June 2024 - Old VelociDrone server decommisioned

Yesterday we decommissioned our old velocidrone webserver. The result of this will be that anyone running an old simulator that has not been running the launcher to keep it updated will no longer be able to login or use the simulator. The fix is simple, run the launcher that you installed velocidrone with to update it and it will reconnect you to our new server.

25 June 2024 - VelociDrone Mobile Update

We have updated both the Android and iOS versions of velocidrone as there was a bug accessing the new server for new official tracks and also for downloading and flying existing official tracks. Please access your app store in order to update.

20 June 2024 - Velocidrone bug fix patch

We have released a small patch today that fixes problems with changing the race mode. This was a small bug introduced in the last update.

7 June 2024 - Velocidrone Update

We have released an update to move all customers from our old server to our new one. This includes updates for all desktop clients and mobile clients. This update is a REQUIRED update, if you do not update then you may lose access to your simulator until you complete the update.

30 May 2024 - VelociDrone New Website

VelociDrone has launched it's new website, with a cleaner look, up-to-date data and additional functionality. Plus faster servers.