Football Stadium

The Football Stadium is a clear area scenery with a flat football pitch in the middle designed to satisfy the requirements of most FPV track designers. This scenery is designed and optimised to run on low hardware specifications.

Official VelociDrone Leaderboard Overview (Version 1.15)

Have you got what it takes to be in the official top 200? Your fastest lap will be recorded on each official track and shown on the relevant leaderboard below.

2020 Canadian MultiGP Series Back

# Time Player Country Ranking Model Date
1 26.448 DylNut FPV Canada 935 TBS Oblivion 26/07/2020
2 39.065 FlakBait Canada 1000 CarbiX Zero 10/09/2020
3 61.262 Untitled AV Italy 1000 Lil Bastard 25/07/2020